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Trecastagni Town
S. Maria dei Tremontií Church

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It is a small church isolated in the country, and exactly in the Tremonti district; it was built for the great devotion to Our Lady painted on a slab of stone that it is venerated here with the name of S. Maria of Tremonti.

Every first Sunday of July it is celebrated the feast-day, which has the character of a devote excursion to the country.


An ultra centenarian oak is used as tower bell and on the occasion an old bell kept into the church is hung there. Some big ovens are built in the open space, to cook specially meat, because it is a tradition among the ordinary people, in order to have a bellyful.

IN 1999 the restoration works were finished and they were overseen with love and devotion by Mons P. La Rosa and by the inhabitants of the new houses in Tremonti besides the several believers.

From a current publication we learn:

Built about three centuries ago, the Madonna of Tremontií Church has a particular meaning under the historical outline.

Even if the frescos of the vault are not very good, as they appear today, the unknown painter didnít success to join a great ability to the devotion, the image of Our Lady and the Child, certainly painted by another painter is much better and it attracts the sensitivity of the believers with its sweetness and it helps them to pray the Mother of Jesus.

(before the restoration)

(After the restoration)

Recently, we can note a strong renewal, and no more occasional but with a continuous and regular zeal in the aspect of Rectorate, invigorates the devotion towards Our Lady that every Sunday the believers admire, represented in the central fresco in the sweet motherly aspect to suckle the Holy Child.

The new bell, melted for the celebration of the 2000 Jubilee, has stamped an inscription on the outside edge.

Alla Madonna di Tremonti in Trecastagni
i fedeli offrono col cuore
Fonderia Capanni - Castelnuovo.

(To Our Lady of Tremonti in Trecastagni The believers offer with great love Capanni Foundry - Castelnuovo)